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Wireless Charger Atmosphere Lamp

Wireless Charger Atmosphere Lamp

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Why THIS Lamp ?

 This mood lamp transforms your home into a relaxing and peaceful refuge, offering calming and therapeutic benefits to enhance the quality of your sleep, study, or meditation.


The Healing Power of Light and Color

Light and color play a crucial role in our lives and can greatly impact our mind and body through psychological responses and hormonal changes. The G-Wave Lamp harnesses this power through its color therapy capabilities, addressing specific needs such as boosting positive energy and reducing anxiety.

Color therapy refers to the use of light as a form of treatment to relieve stress and increase energy. With 9 distinct ambient lighting modes, the G-Wave Lamp is adaptable to any situation, whether it be yoga, reading, meditation, or work.


Synchronize Lights to the Rhythm of Your Favourite Music

The G-Wave Lamp boasts exceptional sound clarity and quality. Equipped with a top-notch Bluetooth speaker, it allows you to play your favorite songs and playlists with accompanying light effects that are perfectly synced to the beat. Simply turn on the lamp and music, sit back, and create a serene ambiance for ultimate relaxation.


Sleep Soundly and Wake Up Rejuvenated

The G-Wave Lamp promotes better sleep with its helpful sleep functions designed to soothe both mind and body. In sleep mode, you can opt for a calming night light or a relaxing white noise to lull you into slumber. At the designated wake-up time, the lamp will gradually light up and activate a soft alarm, allowing you the option to snooze for an additional 9 minutes before waking up refreshed.


A Night Light with Convenient Wireless Charging

The G-Wave Lamp looks after you throughout the night with its night light mode activated with a single touch. It provides a gentle illumination so you can effortlessly navigate your room in the dark. Additionally, it ensures your smartphone is charged for the next day with its 15 W wireless charging pad and a 5 W USB Type-C output for other mobile devices.

Attractive and Function-Packed Design

The G-Wave Lamp boasts a calming G-shaped design with impressive visual appeal. Its colorful lighting effects make it a stunning focal point in any room. Its functionality is equally impressive, including:

  • Bluetooth speaker for music and phone calls
  • Phone answering function
  • Alarm clock with light
  • App control for lighting effects
  • 16 million clear colors and 256 lighting modes
  • Color therapy
  • Button control for features
  • 15 W wireless fast charging for smartphones.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

How many color settings does the  Lamp have?
The lamp has 10 light color modes (solid color, bicolor racehorse, tricolor racehorse and seven color racehorse). The other 256 modes and 16 million light colors can be adjusted through the linked APP. The brightness of the light can be adjusted infinitely, and the light will gradually become bright or dark.

I am buying the Lamp as a gift, what is your return policy?
We are happy to offer a risk-free, money-back guarantee for all our products. If for any reason you would like to return the G-Wave Lamp, simply contact us at UBORICLLP@GMAIL.COM or live chat with us!
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