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Uboric Menstrual Cramps Relief & Heating Pad

Uboric Menstrual Cramps Relief & Heating Pad

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Warm heating pad belt: Graphene heating technology makes it possible to heat quickly,easily reach abdominal depth,and maintain abdominal warmth in special periods.Dysmenorrhea can be effectively treated after long-term use.

Three Warm Massage Settings: With temperatures at 50 °C, 55 °C, and 60 °C,adjustable vibration frequency,and ongoing massage and hyperthermia,the device can promote blood circulation, relax the body,and effectively relieve dysmenorrheal discomfort.

Easy to Use: Rechargeable battery and a wireless heating pad allow you to easily free your hands.

This device will make too much heat,we suggest,putting a piece of cloth between your belly and device surface.


very comfortable belt for easy working..

Smooth controlling.....

Be your own doctor..

Multiple body parts acupoints...


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